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Hydrogen ’Project Car
This is my project car

1991 Geo Metro
The goal is to create a car that will get 100 mpg. Using off the shelf materials
with the use of hydrogen, solar,and kinetic energy. I B=believe this can be done on a HOD (hydrogen on demand) system to free the world of slavery to the big oil company$ They say it can’t be done! I say it can! Hydrogen powered cars are old news, we all know that a car can be powered by h2 but it is the H.O.D. that I seek to share with the World . .




New Dry Cell that works
From TLG Hydrogen
Terry From TLGhydrogen.com has now come out with a cell that produces much higher volumes of HHO. with HOD
He has asked me to post his website here so the info get’s out to the world,
Terry shows how the cell is made on his website for free to all.
no more wimpy 1 or 2 Lpm cells this unit makes 1 to 25+ Lpm

Get the word out before anyone can try to squash this info.

Thanks Terry for sharing this with the world.

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