My H2 Generator

My hydrogen generator that I built Using stainless steel switch plate covers.

You may be asking, Why switch plate covers? Well in the area I live in I was having trouble finding Someone to sell me a sheet of stainless steel and cut it for me. So I was in the Home Depot (a local hardware store) And I ran across switch plate covers made of stainless steel. All cut to size and all uniform. Well this made it too easy for me so I bought them About 36 @ $1.24 ea. I thought it was kind of expensive but what the heck. I was not getting the generator built waiting for a deal to drop in my lap. So on to the building of the h2 generator

After I got the plates I drilled a hole in one side of the plate large enough to Fit a nut inside of the hole, there is another hole already drilled that I did not mess with. The larger hole is to allow the plates to not touch and still be able to nut them together.

I used black looking tape that is actually 1/2″ magnet tape. I used it to prevent the plates from touching one another. Then I used spring clamps to hold it all together while nutting it all together

I have now found that using 36 plates together causes to much electromagnetic interference with one another, 12 plates together works much better so I will be changing this design from one set of 36 plates to 3 sets of 12. I will give updates to my findings.